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Yo! お久しぶり (Ohisashiburi -- Long time no see)! I haven't written anything here in forever, mostly because my life is boring and I don't have much to write about, but I wanted to pass this along. I know many of you have already contributed to various relief efforts for the people of Japan, but this one focuses on the emotional side of things (as well the financial), AND it involves MCR! Philanthropy and Bandom: It's two great tastes that taste great together!

Here, Ray is better at explaining this than I am...Collapse )

And here's the link to the news page, since I can't find a way to link to that specific post. Wow, sooo rusty with my journal-fu... >.>;

So, even if you don't submit something yourself, please pass this along; I keep hearing from my friends back in Japan that they really appreciate the well-wishes and support they've been receiving from people all over the world, so let's keep the momentum going. And hey, it's a chance to maybe be a part of an MCR video -- how cool is that?? ^_^

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope to see you on YouTube in a non-incriminating fashion!

The future of medieval scholarship

Oh mah goodness! I saw this and just about died laughing. Yay for academics embracing their inner dorkiness!

Yeah, if I ever actually make it to professor, my classes will totally not look like this. >.>;

I am not the singer that you wanted...

Wow. So, just downloaded "Sing" because I am a sucker and bored and it was only 99 cents and I'm looking forward to the album and all that. And just, wow. It's way poppier than I was expecting, but not bad. And the lyrics are pretty good, from what I can decipher so far.

Keep runnin'Collapse )

Really looking forward to the album now. No, really really.

O carta!

So, was looking at some grad school programs just to see what's out there, and read that most schools want a person to know Latin for M.A.s in medieval studies. Which makes sense, what with the monks and the manuscripts and the pervasiveness of the Church and all. So I figured, "Hey, I've got all this spare time at the moment, what with being jobless and all: why not learn Latin?" And so I found a free Latin tutorial from the National Archives in England. Feeling thus far: ^_^

So far today, I have covered Lesson 1: First Conjugation Verbs and Lesson 2: Intro to Nouns (first declension & cases). The verbs weren't so bad -- I've got those endings down pat. The nouns? Here is a visual representation of my feelings regarding the nouns thus far: DDD:

Each (masculine, feminine, or neuter) noun has six different cases, and all of those can be singular or plural. So 12 different endings to remember for each noun, in addition to remembering the original word. I am only juuust starting the first declension. There are five. There are declensions for adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, numbers, irregulars... Remember that scene in "Cowboy Bebop" when Spike and Faye are in hyperspace, trying to destroy the missile full of Monkey Business virus that's headed for Ganymede? And then it breaks apart into thousands of multiple warheads? Yeah, exaaaactly... >.<

I realize I'm only just starting and I should look at things in manageable sections, but yargh, people. Yargh, I say. :P
...that's why I have the bourbon, the powerful speakers, and MCR. Do not fuck with me. **smiles sweetly while windows rattle**

Right. So hey, I'm back! Again! No, again again! Actually, I've been back for months, it just hasn't felt like it since I've been somewhat marooned with no car in Haines City. It's weird -- I know I'm back in 'merca and all, but it doesn't feel like I'm home since I haven't been able to go out & about much in Orlando. Also, it feels kinda weird to refer to Orlando as "home." I mean, it's a nice place and I have a lot of friends there and I've lived there for well over a decade, so I guess it is just by default even, but just, I dunno, still large and unresolved differences in opinion with much of the demographic there and not sure I'd want to identify with them. Hmmm...

ANYWAY. So what's new with you guys? Actually, scratch that -- I have a confession to make: I've been lurking in yr journals, stealin' yr foodz for some time (i.e. like, the whole three years I was in Japan >.>;). Not that I was trying to be creepy or that I didn't want to talk to you guys, just, I guess I was so far away that I didn't feel like I could be anything more than a spectator? There's a weird isolation vibe that grows on you in Japan, in my opinion; something that just happens in you after a certain amount of time spent walking by crowds of people and getting crammed into trains with crowds of people and working with crowds of people and realizing when you get home that you didn't actually talk to a single person that day. So, yeah. I still love you, though! Just now with 30% more dysfunction and social awkwardness. >.>;

ANYWAY X2. This was meant to just be a short update, letting you know I still have a pulse and all that, but it seems to be growing larger than expected. And I don't remember all the html tags for cuts (& can't be arsed to look them up at the moment), so apologies in advance if my post grows too unwieldy.

Moving on to the actual update part, that shouldn't take too long, really: staying in Haines City (by myself, since my homosexual duo bought a condo in Orlando and are now living there), no car, no job yet (WTF, Orlando???), no TV, sending out reams of resumes, making periodic forays to Publix on my bike for groceries, and (if I'm really feeling ambitious) walking to the gas station for junk food (that's the agreement I decided on -- if I want junk food, I have to walk to get it). My life. Action-packed. >.<

I should add, though, that B & T are being really awesome, despite all my bitching -- I don't have to pay rent or utilities, they kept the internet and phone on for me (and are paying for them), and have offered to help me get a car and a cell phone soon. So yeah, they're seriously amazing and I love them and I hope I can pay them back someday. But this whole job thing is really starting to piss me off and it's bleeding into every other aspect of my life, PLUS staying here by myself is cool and all, but it's really not helping that whole isolation thing I picked up in Japan and was trying to fix.

All of this would be helped immensely if I could just find a f*cking job, but hellloooo 11% unemployment. Lagging factors are so my favorite. :P So, I've put in apps at places I wouldn't have even considered six weeks ago (e.g. Books-a-Million, Sears, Cracker Barrel (?!)) just to get some kind of cash flow, and even so, NOTHING. All of this isn't damaging my self-esteem or anything (yay, superego!); it's just making me really pissed off at the employers of Florida. You're telling me that your stupid fucking admin position is SO FUCKING COMPLEX that I, a college grad with over a decade of admin experience, wouldn't be able to handle it??? I don't see what the issue is with over-qualification is, anyway -- yes, I might leave once something better comes along, but why not use my over-abundance of skills while you have it, moron? Your loss -- training isn't that fucking expensive, asshole. Aiyaaahhh....

Wow, that was long. >.>; Rant over.

OH, wait, one more thing: This Halloween totally blows, too. No job means no costume, no Rasputina at the Social, no leaving the house, really. DX Fuck those kids, too; they're not getting any candy from me. **pouts** (Okay, no, I'm not really not going to give out candy, but it still sucks.)

So, um, aren't you all glad I'm back? >.>; How you doin'?

It's aliiiiiive!

Me, I mean. In the state of being not dead. >.>; Anyway, I've been really, really bad about updating here (or anywhere really), so I wanted to say "hi!" to anybody who's still around. **waves** Also, thanks marilla82, for giving me the kick in the ass I needed. Love you! <3

I'll be back again with words and communication and everything shortly, but right now I have to get ready for work. >.< In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! ^_^ Mata ne!

Oh no, it's a --!!!

I really wasn't trying to adhere to any kind of robot theme or anything, but sometimes Japan makes it too easy:

I'm sensing road-trip in August...

My favorite part? "Mist can shoot forth from 14 locations on the body." Well, that answers that! We've obviously come a long way since the bear-in-the-woods question... XD


So, remember that 10-foot robot I mentioned in my last post? Just to prove I wasn't kidding:

He kinda looked like the Terminator, sans epidermis. Too bad I didn't get a picture from the front, though. But like I said, a little drunk. >.>; I guess I shouldn't fret too much about it -- I've seen that guy in several clubs in Nagoya, all decked out in his neon glowing Silverstone Cowboy fabulousness, so maybe he'll make another appearance soon...

The "Blink" Cat!!!

OMG this cat is obviously the pet of the Weeping Angels:

Ninja Cat - watch more funny videos

Seriously, I was laughing so hard I was crying by the end. **dies**

Oh no they DI -- ENT!!!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this? This sucks in such epic proportions that I cannot adequately express it; my mind cannot find the words to describe this level of suck.

Duuude, there was once, like, this tiger-striped cat and stuff.

**goes off to cry in a corner**


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